Society Meeting for October 24

President Colleen Green opened a very well attended meeting by introducing the evening’s presenter – Laurie McMurray (the Corn Husk Doll lady).

Corn dolls created by Laurie McMurray

Corn dolls created by Laurie McMurray

Almost 40 members were present, glue and scissors at the ready, for the presentation and hands-on learning opportunity. Laurie McMurray gave a brief introduction to the art of making dolls from corn husks. She illustrated her talk with a full table of materials (flowers, leaves, fur, corn silk, feathers, and other ‘found’ items) and lots of corn husks. There was also an explanation of why corn husk dolls have no faces!

Laurie explained how to begin the doll and produce one in a few simple steps. Then left the PECHS members to let rheir imaginations run riot with all of the decorative odds and ends on the table. All of the dolls made at the meeting will be used to decorate the PECHS tree at the Festival of Trees fund-raiser in late November.

Dolly Mixture - having a good time for charity

Dolly Mixture – having a good time for charity

After the official collection of the dolls, the business of the meeting continued.

Colleen introduced the proposed changes to the constitution and by-laws which are to be voted on at the November AGM, and discussed the rationale for the changes.

Members were reminded that the AGM is preceded by a Pot Luck dinner beginning at 6:00 pm, and invited to sign up for providing food (to ensure that we don’t have 40 potato salads and nothing else :)).

Members were reminded about the Festival of Trees and asked if they could provide some small prizes to go under that tree for the charity auction in support of the Hospital Auxiliary.


This month, the mini-show had entries in two classes:

  • Class 1: Design using a pie pumpkin as a container
  • Class 2: Collection of herbs CUT in a container, three or more varieties named.

As customary, the entries were judged by the members present at the meeting.

In the ‘arrangement in a pumpkin shell’ class, Pat Stuckey [left image below] came first, with Sheila Simmons second [centre], and Walter McGee took third place [right].

pat.firstsheila.secondWalter McGee

In the ‘named herbs’ class, Mary Jenkins [image opposite] came first, with Hedy Campbell second [below left], and Colleen Green took third place [below right].


Click the images to see larger versions.

photo credits: Bert Jenkins

Bonsai for Beginners

We recently received notification from the Ottawa Bonsai Society of their upcoming Beginners Course (registration deadline October 31). Full details of that course can be found on their web site at

bonsai_miniElizabeth Cowan forwarded the notice about the bonsai workshop in Ottawa to Jonathan Kaiser, one of our new members. Jonathan replied and sent a neat picture of a bonsai chrysanthemum he’s growing (creating?).

image credit: Jonathan Kaiser. Click image to enlarge

2014 County Garden Show Report

Sunday June 29th, 2014 dawned bright and early as people prepared for The County Garden Show. After months of preparation, advertising and placement of signs throughout The County, it was an early morning for the PEC Horticultural Society Volunteer Staff (including many 4H members) and the Vendors.

By 6am there was a lot of activity in the Crystal Palace and the surrounding grounds. Staff had to prepare for the Vendors, Victorian Tea, Raffle, Blue Bird Room and the Flower Show’s 163 competitors.

Many indoor Vendors had set-up the previous Saturday evening with the balance and outdoor Vendors rushing to be ready for the 10am Show opening. Monique, our Sandwich Board walker was loaded up with handbills to distribute on her walk along Main Street.

mertensAt 10am, there were line-ups at admission. Show Day was off and running! Mayor Peter Mertens welcomed everybody and declared the show open.

There was a greater variety of vendor offerings this year and visitors came from across Ontario and border states. Comments most often heard were ‘this show is a lot of fun’ and ‘very well organized’.

At the end of the day, over 600 Visitors had enjoyed The County Garden Show and profits exceeded 2013 … more dollars to go toward community projects.

Thanks to Vendors, Sponsors and a group of exceptional Team Players!

The Flower Show’s full results can be found right here as a pdf file [97 kb].













Click the images to see larger versions.

photo credits: Bert Jenkins. Anne Reeves, Howard Hunter, Colleen Green, and Penny Stewart

Hope you enjoyed it!


Coyote Study

pesc_logoThe Prince Edward Stewardship Council will present the Prince Edward County Coyote Study Preliminary Findings later this month.

Come out on Wednesday April 16th to hear a presentation by Tyler Wheldon from Trent University and Brent Patterson from Ontario’s MNR.

Admission FREE, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Picton Fire Hall (Ross St. at King). Presentation topics are:

  • Diet and livestock depredation
  • Genetics and morphology
  • Survival and reproduction
  • Home ranges and movement patterns.

For more information, please contact Margaret Kerr at 613-476-4263

Concrete Sculpting. All Set?

leaf.relief.kingston.March.emailDeb Stagg is a Kingston artist specializing in cement garden décor and offers four one-day workshops in her Kingston studio in March and April.

For general information on what Leaf Relief is all about, visit the web site at

For complete details on the workshops, visit this page of the Leaf Relief web site.

Society Meeting for February 26

The January 29 meeting was cancelled because of a storm, and for a while it looked as if the February 26 meeting might be snowed out as well.  But the faithful struggled through, for our first meeting since before Christmas.  Society President Colleen Green welcomed everyone back and told us that preparations are well under way for the County Garden Show on June 29, with vendors already found by Anne Reeves for over half the space.  She reminded us that the March meeting is on the 26th, and the speaker will be Nicolette McGraw, who will talk about photographing gardens; at the April 30 meeting, the 4H will be sending members to hear Penny Stewart explain how to enter a flower show.  Elizabeth Cowan made a quick pitch for people to help with promoting the Society in general and the County Garden Show in particular, and membership secretary R. John Garside said he would be calling each member to check on their info in the file.

Colleen then introduced the featured speaker for the meeting, Peter Fuller, whose topic was “The Local Landscape:  Selecting, Growing and Propagating Native Plants”.  Peter, who used to be a full-time high school teacher and a part-time horticulturalist, is now a full-time horticulturalist and an occasional teacher, with a nursery (Fuller’s Native and Rare Plants) at 175 Airport Parkway in Belleville.  He practises ethical seed collection:  no trespassing, no digging up of wild plants, no robbing rare plants of seed, no taking of seeds unless there is a well-established population of the plant.


Peter began by explaining how difficult it can be to decide which plants are “native” and which are “foreign”.  If something was brought to the western hemisphere 400 years ago, is it still foreign?  If it flourishes in New York State, is that too far away to be considered a native of our area?  His nursery is called the “home of the 100-mile garden”, because he has opted to set that as his limit for accepting a species as local.

Peter illustrated the possibilities for County gardens with a series of dazzling slides, with plants divided up by where they prefer to grow:  in water, along the margins of wet land, in dry areas or in shade.  He had dozens of suggestions and answered many questions about particular situations.  Attracting bees, butterflies and other insects was a particular focus, and the pictures showed some of his plants covered in them.  The presentation also dealt with grasses, shrubs and plants for rock gardens.  When it ended, people jumped to get information on his nursery; if you weren’t there, you can take a look at


The raffle prizes were a bird house, a book donated by Peter Fuller and two passes to Canada Blooms, and orchids donated by Marvin were on sale.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe mini-show was two separate categories.

As customary, the entries were judged by the members present at the meeting: Patricia Stuckey [image at right] came first in the “Design in the Shape of a Heart” category, with Mary Jenkins second [image below left], and Mary won first in the “Miniature All-Dried Arrangement” category [image below right].



Click the images to see larger versions.

photo credits: Bert Jenkins

Society Meeting: AGM – November 27

November’s meeting was an extravaganza in three parts – the annual dinner, the AGM business meeting, and the trophy awards for 2013.

After a spectacular buffet meal (all prepared by society members), Colleen Green called the meeting to order. After introducing our special guest, Penny Stewart (not dressed in spooktacular fashion this time), Colleen invited Norma Crichton to give a report of activities of the PEC Green Trust. Norma’s report can be found in full on the Green Trust web site here. If you have ideas for a PEC project that deserves Green Trust funding consideration, please contact Norma Crichton.

Colleen called for a motion to approve the minutes of 2012 AGM that were distributed before the meeting. On a motion duly proposed and seconded, and without discussion, the minutes were approved as submitted. Colleen then called on Howard Hunter as Treasurer to deal with the financial statement and appointment of auditors.

Howard gave a quick overview of the financial statement and answered several questions from the floor. Following a motion to accept the financial statement was called and passed by the membership. Howard proposed a further motion to retain the same auditors to provide oversight for the 2014 report. In response to a question from the floor, Howard confirmed that the audit was a legal requirement but that the auditors (in our case) provide the service at no charge. The members approved the auditors for 2014 to be the same as for 2013.

Colleen Green then called the existing directors present and invited audience members to join them to stand for office. A sufficiency of members volunteering for (re)election resulted, whereupon those elected were declared as listed and shown below.

The 2014 executive and Directors: left-to-right Connie Graham, Hedy Campbell, John Garside, Charles Lacey, ELizabeth Cowan, Howard Hunter, Darlene Johnston, Gayla Campney, Colleen Green, and Mary Jenkins. Absent from photo Kim Katanik-Kuris and Anne Reeves

The envelope please!
The final piece of business for the meeting was the official presentation of trophies for winners at the Flower Show.

Above left, presenters Elizabeth Cowan and Mary Jenkins with Patricia Stuckey (and one of her trophies).

Above right, all the winners. Judith Young (best iris), Thomas Young (Junior Gardener of the Year), Sandra Dowds (McClure Cup for best peony), and Patricia Stuckey (best rose and best overall score at the Flower Show).

Bottom right, Judith Young (best design).

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