Greetings from your Past President

One more message…

I’d like to thank all the members who participated at the pot luck AGM. There were over 40 of us present to enjoy a wonderful meal. We handed out trophies (check our website to see the different categories and their winners). We also heard from Penny Stewart, president of district 3, who sent greetings from the OHA.

We also elected a new board of directors:

R. John Garside, Nancy Kish, Sally Clark, Darlene Johnston, John Clark, Kathy Kingsley-Bondy, Ursula Cattelan, Cathie Coultis (new board member), and Lise Bois (as past president)

The new board looks forward to continue the work that has been successful, the Garden Show (Saturday, June 15th) and the garden tour (Sunday, June 16th) so stay tuned for more info.

I want to thank Hedy Brambat-Keller for her outstanding work on the garden show. Thank you Carson Arthur for your support and good cheer. Thank you also Sheila Simmons, for your guidance as past president. Your knowledge was very much appreciated. It was a great team!

I’d like to thank Darlene Johnston for submitting a beautiful tree she created, on our behalf, for the Festival of Trees.

Thank you Bert Jenkins for the beautiful photos of all out mini shows and Garden show. Please look at our website to see all of Bert’s photographs.

And speaking of website, thank you Andy Bowers for managing our site.

There is one last request for all the members. We need everyone to look at the Financial Report (sent by email) and vote your approval of the Report by Tuesday December 18, 2018 via a reply email. Please follow instructions on how to proceed.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

I wish all of you the best of holidays with your loved ones.

I will be looking forward to January and all the seed catalogues that come my way.

See you all in February. Our first meeting of the year will be Wednesday, February 27th.

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