Ontario Judging Standards

Our mini-shows generally follow the standards set by the OHA in their “Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design”.

Design: A combination of fresh and/or dried plant materials and/or organic objects arranged to create an artistic unit. The designer uses the elements of design: space, line, form, colour, texture and pattern in the accepted principles of art: balance, rhythm, proportion, scale, contrast and dominance to interpret the theme and create a design of harmony and distinction.

Display: A specified number of cut flowers, potted plants, branches, fruits, vegetables, or nuts, exhibited for artistic effect as well as cultural perfection.

The OHA standards booklet – OHA Order number 07-02 Price $6.00 – can be purchased online for $6.00 from this page.

This booklet tells exhibitors what a judge is looking for when judging a flower show’s floral designs and horticultural specimens (cut flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bonsai, terrariums and trough gardens). It includes everything you need to know about staging a flower show and about how to prepare your entries. The rules and guidelines in this book will be used by the judge to assess the quality of exhibits and the awarding of prizes.