Society Meeting for September 26

On a cool and breezy evening close to 30 people attended our first Garden Society Meeting for the fall season. The members were welcomed by our current secretary R. John Garside who encouraged everyone to participate in the future Mini-Shows and to forward any change in their email addresses to our Membership person, Sally Clark. John introduced out guest Speaker – Tamara Segal of hawthornherbals.

Presentation – Common Herbs

Tamara then proceeded to enlighten the crowd about all the various common herbs that can be found in your garden and easily harvested to make teas, and many had other creative uses.

The audience was most captivated by Tamara’s presentation and there were many questions asked and answered. Tamara pointed out that it is very important to know what is in your garden and when to harvest as not all herbs survive the cold weather and many plants reach their peak of goodness at different times of the year.

Tamara also brought along a number of samples from her garden and passed them around. The audience was most appreciative of her presentation and several members remained at the end of the meeting to gather more information that Tamara had brought with her.

Tamara was well applauded at the end of her presentation and the members were then advised about our October meeting and to remember to participate in the Mini-show.


Design – Market Day – a design including fruits, vegetables and flowers: First place Nancy Kish (below left), Second place Mary Jenkins (below right).

Display – one spectacular fall bloom: First place John Garside (below left), Second place Mary Jenkins (below right).

Click images to see larger versions.

Photographs © by Bert Jenkins

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