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Suggestions for additions or deletions to the list should be sent to us via the contact page.

Our collection of links has been divided into three discrete sections for convenience:

  • Information – numerous information sites
  • Event Speakers – a listing of speakers from our Member meetings and also for our Gardener’s Gala and Garden Show events
  • Show Vendors – a listing of vendors from last year’s show and a linked listing for vendors for the 2013 show

If any of these links are ‘dead’ or the content unsuitable, please contact us with more information.

About Us

The Horticultural Society is a not-for-profit branch of the Ontario Horticultural Society, located in Prince Edward County ... read more >

Volunteer Opportunities

Your chance to give back to your community, meet interesting people, and visit amazing spaces.

Click here to see available volunteer opportunities related to gardening.

Flower Show Winners

Results from the Flower Show should be posted this week.

Our Photographs

The beautiful images posted for mini shows, garden shows, and our meetings are from photographs created by member Bert Jenkins.

To view his images archived at the Flickr web site, click here.

Random Gardening Thought

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.

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