Past Meeting Speakers

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2015 Member Meeting speakers

spkr_2015Vicki Emlaw
March 2015


spkr_2015Kathleen Lang
Drought Tolerant Gardening
February 2015


2014 Member Meeting speakers

spkr_2014Christine Gill
The Delphinium Lady
May 2014

spkr_2014Penny Stewart
Grow to Show
April 2014

spkr_2014Nicolette McGraw
Photographing Gardens
March 2014

spkr_2014Peter Fuller
Using Native Plants in the Garden
February 2014

spkr_2014Gary and Dianne Westlake
Garden Art for Cheapskates


2013 Member Meeting speakers

spkr_2013Terry Sprague
Nearby and Natural
October 2013

spkr_2013Penny Stewart
Flower Arrangement
September 2013

spkr_2013Chef Tina Moorey
Cooking with Herbs
May 2013

spkr_2013Court Noxon
How climate change is affecting our gardens
April 2013

spkr_2013Greg Moore
New Perennials and Annuals
March 2013

spkr_2013Walter McGee
A History of Vegetables – from Asparagus to Zucchini
February 2013

spkr_2013Kurt Crist
Birds in the garden
January 2013


County Garden Show speakers

spkr_20132013 County Garden Show speaker Paul Zammit



spkr_20132012 Gardeners Gala speaker Ed Lawrence



spkr_20132011 Gardeners Gala speaker Terry Sprague



spkr_20132009 Gardeners Gala speaker Dennis Winters

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