Around and About 1

PEC Horticultural Society Monthly Meetings this year are being very well attended with an average of 40 members and guests turning out for every meeting. At the March meeting four guests became new members on the spot, and at the April and May meetings the PEC Horticultural Society membership numbers continued to grow.

The Guest Speakers have presented very interesting Talks on a number of varied topics (please refer to the Speakers Calendar for more details), which have engaged their audiences and stimulated some enthusiastic discussions. If you have a suggestion (or two) of someone who you think would be a suitable Guest Speaker, please contact me at Thank you!

Our Past President, and Assistant Director of Region 3, Lise Bois has been very busy giving presentations on behalf of the PEC Horticultural Society for Community Care for Seniors at various locations around the County. Lise’s Talks have been well attended.

John Clark, our PEC Hort member who creates and produces all of the Society’s beautiful printed material, and I are currently in the process of putting together the PEC Hort’s Newsletter. We are hoping to have a Summer edition ready later this month. You will find in each quarterly edition some Regular Features, Helpful Hints, and lots of photos. John and I encourage all our members to consider writing a short article about your gardens and any horticultural endeavors you are currently undertaking or planning … send in lots of photos, and if you have any helpful hints, please send those along as well!!

Enter the Name the Society’s new Newsletter Contest!! Please email (or text) your suggestions to me, Cathie Coultis at or call/text (613) 847-7579 for a chance to win a great prize. Submissions deadline is Tuesday June 18th, 2019. The Winner will be announced at the June Meeting of the PEC Horticultural Society. Please note the date change for this meeting only – NEW date: MONDAY June 24th, 2019. Location and meeting start time remain the same.
See you there!!


Cathie Coultis
PEC Horticultural Society
Director, Guest Speakers