In Memoriam

Charles de Bourbon died November 16, 2022 at PEC Memorial Hospital. He and wife Arline joined the Prince Edward County Horticultural Society after moving to Wellington 18 years ago. They were active in the Society for a number of years.

Joyce Young died October 30, 2022 in Belleville. Joyce was a Picton resident and long time Prince Edward County Horticultural Society member. She was active on the executive and participated in meetings, plant sales and events. Joyce was instrumental in encouraging youth to join the Society. Her grandchildren, Nick and Laura, participated in many of our flower shows and their names appear on Prince Edward County Horticultural Society trophies.

Picton Fair celebrates its 185th and we’re excited to be back!

We are planning a special display to commemorate our 185th. This display will feature antiques from farm days gone by. We are inviting smaller local farmers, wineries and beekeepers to demonstrate that agriculture is alive and well in the county. We would also like to invite people who grow flowers whether they are for commercial purposes or for personal enjoyment.

We would like to add floral displays (planters or cut flowers) to create a WOW! factor. All planters would be labeled with the owner’s name and the organisation (we want to promote this) they belong to. They would be returned after the Fair. If getting them to the Fair is an issue, they could be picked up.

The Fair is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 9th, 10th and 11th of September. The setup will be on the 7th and 8th of September.

Let’s make our 185th Fair one to remember!

For more information please contact:

Lise Bois



Millennium Lookout Pollinator Garden

This is the first if 4 pollinator gardens planted in the County. All four were coordinated with the help of the PEC Horticultural Society. 

These pictures are of the garden at the Millennium Lookout. This garden was funded by a Community Foundation grant.

Cody and Evelyn (staff) helped with this project. 

The garden contains 4 shrubs and 15 species of native plants. It will be maintained by Garden PEC

(formerly PEC Horticultural Society).

Millennium Lookout Pollinator Garden 2
Millennium Lookout Pollinator Garden 1
Millennium Lookout Pollinator Garden 4
Millennium Lookout Pollinator Garden 3