County Garden & Flower Show 2017 Vendors

Visit the vendors at the show … and show your support by visiting them throughout the year for all your special needs.

Kathleen Climie
Seedlings, Plants, and Sewn Items

Sarah Lord
A Knotty Knitter

David Hickey

Ben O’Brien
Wild by Design Landscaping

Gwynn Bedford
Bluejay Art Gallery

Barry Matthie
Bonibrae Daylilies

Justin Dart
County Arborists

Trixie Bailey
Dogwatch Hidden Fences

Christine Bibby
DoTerra Essential Oils

Kathryn Auger and Rosemary Tayler
Earth Haven Learning Centre

Kathryn McHolm
Kathryn’s Garden

Rhonda Johnston
Solar Garden Lamps

Diane Walker
Walker’s Greenhouse