Green Trust

Registered Charity BN86747-7341-RR0001

The Green Trust was established as a charity in which we would raise monies, invest them conservatively and eventually distribute the interest on these monies to support the garden clubs and societies contained within Prince Edward County. The Trust’s objective was to raise $50,000 before we would start distributing the interest.

The Green Trust supports the beautification of The County, as well as community based garden projects and activities.

In 2005 the Canada Revenue Agency notified us that we must start paying out 80% of all receipted donations. Any monies that result from fund-raising are exempt from this rule.
The following sums have been paid out:

PEC Hort. Society $300
Ameliasburgh Garden Club $300
Master Gardeners $300
Picton’s Cenotaph $750
Glenwood Cemetery $500
PEC Hort. Society $673
PEC Hort. Society $564
Hast.Pr.Edw.Land Trust $750
PEC Hort Society $100
PEC Hospice Landscaping $1000
John A MacDonald Sculpture
Appeal – Landscaping $750
PEC Institute Bursary $500
PEC Institute Bursary $500
PEC Community Garden $1000

Total $7,987

We raise money by holding one major fundraiser such as a garage sale or a garden tour each year. The rest of the money is raised through 50/50 draws, collection jars, Canadian Tire money, bulb sales and personal donations.

The officers and directors receive no remuneration and endeavour to charge no expenses to the Trust. We provide written tax receipts promptly.

The Officers and Directors for 2015/16 are: President – Marianne Malachowski, Vice-President – Walter McGee, Treasurer – Gordon Laurie, Directors – Don Pinder.

You may read about us on-line at Canadian Charities Directory.

If you would like to make a donation or have any questions, we would love to hear from

Prince Edward County Green Trust Registered Charity # BN86747-7341-RR0001