Member Meetings

Guests are welcome to attend Member Meetings at a nominal cost of $5 each.
Members may be invited to attend Executive Meetings. Participation is at the invitation of the meeting chair.

Annual General Meeting

Date: November 27, 2019

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Location: Picton Town Hall, 2 Ross Street

Dinner and Fellowship (pls bring your own plate(s), cup(s), and flatware).

Presentation to 2019 Trophy winners

Reports to Members

Election of Board members

Mini-show judging

OHA judging standards apply.

Explanation of Design & Display Terms

*parallel design – A design in which three or more groupings are placed in a parallel manner with open spaces between the groupings. Parallel direction may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Design is in one container or containers combined so as to appear as one unit.
** free standing design – A design that is viewed from all sides.
** wreath – A circular design that may or may not be hung. Ribbons and bows may be added.
*** Della Robbia wreath – A circular design of plant materials decorated with fruits, nuts, cones, seed-pods, leaves, berries, etc.