Membership Benefits

Everdean Nurseries at 13791 Loyalist Pkwy in Bloomfield, and Diane Walker of Walker’s Greenhouses will give our members a 10% discount if they show their PEC horticultural membership cards.

Notice of Constitution/By-Law Update

A number of resolutions will be put to the vote at the AGM. These relate mostly to aligning the PEC Horticultural Society constitution and by-laws with the OHA equivalents. Voting on these resolutions is restricted to PECHS members in good standing. Full details of the changes can be downloaded here [48 kb pdf file].

Memberships, new or renewal, will be available at the November meeting.

General Meeting – OCTOBER 29

Doors Open @ 7:00, Meeting Starts at 7:15

At the Fire Hall (2nd floor) corner of King and Ross St.

Two mini-shows (details on the newsletter) and a Corn husk dolly making presentation from the Corn Husk lady (Laurie McMurray) as well as a great meeting!

Bonsai for Beginners

We recently received notification from the Ottawa Bonsai Society of their upcoming Beginners Course (registration deadline October 31). Full details of that course can be found on their web site at

bonsai_miniElizabeth Cowan forwarded the notice about the bonsai workshop in Ottawa to Jonathan Kaiser, one of our new members. Jonathan replied and sent a neat picture of a bonsai chrysanthemum he’s growing (creating?).

image credit: Jonathan Kaiser. Click image to enlarge

Society Meeting for September 24

The meeting started at 7:15 with President Colleen Green introducing Erika Wolff, a raw food expert, who gave a talk and demonstration on “Sprouting – the Power of Raw”.


Erika brought a variety of sprouts – broccoli, peas, sunflowers amongst others – for us to try. She explained that sprouts carry plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, plus they are always fresh as they will keep growing until you eat them. Home sprouting is inexpensive, and can supply us with fresh produce at home even in winter, eliminating the need to buy produce that has travelled long distances to reach us.  Erika gave us an informational handout on sprouting, plus copies of “Healing our World”, a magazine from the Hippocrates Health Institute. Erika is a Certified Health Educator and Holistic Nutrition Coach and lives in the County. She can be reached through

Ingrid Bronson, past President, is opening her garden on the afternoon of Sunday Sept 27th to anyone who would like to help themselves to some of her perennials. Ingrid is at 8 Catherine Street, Picton.

John Kaiser, one of our new members, is interested in obtaining quince suckers for a bonsai project. If you have any quince suckers you would like to get rid of, please let John know at the next meeting.

Angela Palmer brought in a whole batch of crab apple jelly she had made from the crab apples from a tree in the Hospital grounds. Any funds raised from the sale of this jelly will be split between the Horticultural Society and the Hospital.  Thanks, Angela, for your hard work and initiative – we really appreciate it and the jelly tastes great.

There was a raffle for pea sprouts, generously donated by Erika. One batch was won by Liz Bowers, and the second one went to Virginia Cresswell-Jones.

The formal part of the meeting being over, everyone enjoyed coffee and snacks while catching up with friends.

2014 Fall Rose Show Results.

Single Rose – 1 bloom
1. Red : no entries
2. Light pink: Pat Stuckey
3. Deep pink: no entries
4. Yellow: Sandra Dowds
5. White: no entries
6. Orange and orange blends: Sandra Dowds
7. Blend and/or bicolour: Sandra Dowds
8. Any colour not in 1 to 7: no entries

Cluster Roses – 1 spray
9. Red and red blends: Colleen Green
10. Yellow and yellow blends: Pat Stuckey
11. Pink and pink blends: Sandra Dowds
12. Apricot, orange and blends: no entries
13. White: Pat Stuckey
14. Any other colour: Pat Stuckey

15. Floating Rose (foliage unnecessary): Pat Stuckey
16. Arrangement of at least 3 Roses in a container: Sandra Dowds
17. Miniature:1 bloom or spray: Sandra Dowds
18. Most Fragrant Rose – 1 bloom: Pat Stuckey
Best Rose: Pat Stuckey
Most Ribbons: Pat Stuckey


photo credits: Bert Jenkins

To see the Bert Jenkins’ photographs of roses from the show – » click here

2014 Fall Rose Show – September 24th

Our Annual Fall Rose Show will take place on Wednesday, September 24th at the Society’s September meeting at the Fire Hall on Ross Street.
Entry set-up time is from 6:30 pm until 7:00 pm (when the meeting officially opens), with judging from 7:00 until 7:30 when the meeting’s formal program begins.

Judging will be done by Marvin Chapman from Flowers by Marvin.
Roses should have foliage attached and be named if possible.


Single Rose – 1 bloom
1. red
2. light pink
3. deep pink
4. yellow
5. white
6. orange and orange blends
7. blend and/or bicolour
8. any colour not in 1 to 7

Cluster Roses – 1 spray
9. red and red blends
10. yellow and yellow blends
11. pink and pink blends
12. apricot, orange and blends
13. white
14. Any other colour
15. Floating Rose (foliage unnecessary)
16. Arrangement of at least 3 Roses in a container
17. Miniature:1 bloom or spray
18. Most Fragrant Rose – 1 bloom

SPECIAL – Best Rose

For more info call Sandra 613 393 5577 or email to

About Us

The Horticultural Society is a not-for-profit branch of the Ontario Horticultural Society, located in Prince Edward County.

County Garden Show – 2014

The 2014 show was a huge success! Read all about it here ».

A full list of the vendors who appeared at the show can be found here ».

The Flower Show's full results can be found right here » as a pdf file [97 kb].



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