Meetings and Events

**The March 25th, 2020 meeting has been cancelled**

The PEC Horticultural Society Board has made the decision to cancel the March 25th general meeting. We believe that it is in the best interest and well-being of all our members and guests.  We will be trying to re-schedule the Guest Speakers who were going to do presentations at the March meeting to later date this year. 

Monthly Member Meetings are held at the Picton Town Hall (see map below) on the last Wednesday of each month, except January, August and December, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm with earlier starts for special events. Non-members are always welcome to attend for a small donation at the door.

Each meeting features a guest speaker, a Mini Show (see details below), a 50/50 draw, a Loonie table, and refreshments. The Loonie table is for horticulturally-related items of any sort, pots, plants, books, magazines etc., that you no longer want or need, that might be used and appreciated by someone else. Just leave the items on the Loonie table. Browse what is there, and if you see something you like, then it’s yours for a loonie.

Events Calendar

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Community events (yellow) include non-affiliated community events.

Signature events (red) include The County Blooms Garden & Flower Show as well as Garden Tours.

Picton Town Hall Location

Reports on past monthly meetings can be found here.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

February 26, 2020
Dr. Anne Uings – Bay of Quinte Lyme Support Group
Seed Exchange

March 25, 2020
Member Discussion Pods
Wellington Heritage Museum Garden Project Update

April 29, 2020
Terry Sprague, Field Naturalist
‘Keep it Natural: Persuasion & Dissuasion’

May 27 2020
Marvin Chapman, Flowers by Marvin – ‘Creating Floral Arrangements’

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020
Summer Pot Luck Get Together

September 30, 2020
Corina Brdar, Biologist – Parks Canada

October 28, 2020
Ben O’Brien
‘Gravel Gardens’

Enter the Mini Show and have fun!

Mini Shows occur during regular Monthly Member Meetings and feature two classes in which you can exhibit: one is ‘design’ and the other is ‘display’. Bring your exhibits between 6.15 and 6.50 pm the evening of the show and pick them up at the end of the meeting. As we have no flower judge at our regular meetings our attending members will vote for their favourite arrangements. We’re hoping that will entice more members to enter the shows and gain experience.

Here are some helpful hints for successfully exhibiting in Mini Shows.

Mini Show Judging

OHA judging standards apply.

Upcoming Mini Show Topics

February 2020
Design – “Give Winter the Boot” – design of succulents planted in a boot
Display – vine/ivy plant in a pot (one variety)

March 2020
Design – “Spring Sprouts” – a miniature design*
Display – evergreen sprigs (3 to 5)

April 2020
Design – “Bring on the Rain” – design with visible use of water**
Display – early blooms (3 to 5)

May 2020
Design – “Sunny Days” – monochromatic*** centrepiece using yellow flowers
Display – triplet tulips

June 2020
Design – “Wedding Bells” – corsage****
Display – hosta leaves – (3 varieties)

September  2020
Design – “Wayside Walk” – design using grasses and dried plant material
Display – favourite vegetable or fruit (plate with 3 to 5)

October 2020
Design – “Autumn Cornucopia” – design using vegetables and fruit
Display – last bloom (single stem)

Explanation of Design & Display Terms

*Miniature – a design with maximum dimensions no more than 12.7cm (5”) in height, width and depth including any container, base and/or accessories.

**Visible use of water – A design that must include water that is clearly visible. Any design in which water is an important component. May be waterviewing, underwater, etc.

***Monochromatic Colour Harmony – Includes one hue, using tints, tones, and shades in different variations in value (light and dark) and chroma (weak and strong), e.g., pale yellow, bright yellow, olive green. A limited amount of natural coloured stems and /or foliage attached to the chosen plant material is permitted.

****Corsage – A design to be worn for adornment that features plant material. It may be enhanced by accessories such as beads, ribbons, etc. Factors to consider are the size and technique, including the reverse side, and the accessories. A corsage may be designed to be pinned to a bodice, worn on a wrist, attached to a purse, etc.