President’s Message

Winter definitely seems to be upon us. The last of my flowers (asters) were still blooming last weeks and still looks beautiful in their frozen state. I have left most of my plants standing with their seedheads intact so birds will have some extra food this winter. It looks kind of messy but I tell myself I’ll have more energy to clean come the spring anyway…

It is with a bit of sadness that I write this post as it will likely be my last. It’s that time of year where we have our elections for board members. I have been privileged, for the past two year, to be the hort. soc. president. I have learned so much and have made many new friends. I’ve enjoyed being part of an amazing board of directors. Everyone was incredibly committed to making our society exciting and interesting!

Our AGM will be on Wednesday the 28th at 6 pm. Please note the time.

We still need a couple of members willing to sit on the board and someone to take the role of president.

So if you’re interested and need more information, please contact me.

We will share a pot luck dinner before the “official meeting”. This meeting will be very short so we can spend more time enjoying each other’s company.

We will supply turkey and stuffing. We ask that you bring, if possible, a side/veggie dish, a salad or a dessert. We will also supply tea, coffee or juice.

Please bring your plate, glass and cutlery.

I look very much forward to seeing all of you at the meeting next Wednesday.

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