October Members Meeting Summary

Nancy Cole Master Gardener

Nancy Cole – Master Gardener
Landscape Bones – Trees and Shrubs.

Nancy’s presentation made recommendations of what types of trees and shrubs are suitable for including in landscape plans, which tied in with Justin’s presentation of caring for and maintaining trees, etc.

Justin Dart County Arborist Inc

Justin Dart
County Arborists Inc.

Justin’s presentation focused on the Pruning of Trees. He also talked about the benefits of pruning, as well as, some ‘how to’ tips and suggestions. Justin also be provided information on Tree Identification of a dozen or so local trees.

Mini Show Design Winners

Display – “Last Bloom of Summer”

Ursula Cattelan
First Prize – Ursula Cattelan
Mary Jenkins
Second Prize – Mary Jenkins
Kathy Bondy
Third Prize – Kathy Bondy

Design – “Autumn Splendor”

Laura Bryan
First Prize – Laura Bryan
Kathy Bondy
Second Prize – Kathy Bondy

Bring and Brags

Pat Stuckey - Streptocarpus
Pat Stuckey – Streptocarpus
Lise Bois - White Sage
Lise Bois – White Sage
John Garside - Coffee Tree
John Garside – Coffee Tree

Recent Reads: Vegetables, Chickens & Bees

Vegetables, Chickens & BeesReviewed By: R. John Garside

Author: Carson Arthur

Pages: 240

First Published: 2019

Publisher: Appetite by Random House

ISBN: 978-0-14-753061-5

eBook ISBN: 978-0-14-753062-2

When you know the author you expect certain themes and agendas and I was not disappointed in the least. In fact, I was not only informed about gardening as I thought I would be, but I was also highly entertained by Carson’s love of chickens and his adventures with bees. Now for many people this book will be quite an eye opener as many of us have some very concrete ideas not only about gardening, but also the various plants we like and don’t like, plants we plant and don’t plant, and manage our gardens as taught to us by our parents or significant other. Carson is very up front about gardening, if you do it my way, you will have not only fun doing it, but also you will reap a harvest of food that will make your neighbors very jealous. You are carefully walked down the “garden path” from the garden bed conception to the purchasing of seeds and plants right up to the ideal combinations of plants that will result in a very prolific garden. The book is very well written and has lots of pictures, charts and quick review pages so you always know what you have read and why it makes sense. Carson has certainly taken the guess work out of gardening for you and presents his findings in a very orderly and entertaining way, one that entices you to read on and maybe just take a chance on something new, be it a unique planting or possibly planting in an area you never considered before.

However, I must admit the funniest part of the whole book is the middle section on chickens. Reading the pages brought tears of laughter at times and having looked after a few chickens in my time I could relate completely with the wonderful experience they give you. They are not the dumb creatures that many people think they are, but highly organized and purposeful creatures, that not only serve up an egg or two but also learn to interact with you and your garden, and to everyone’s benefit!

So I highly recommend this book not only for its gardening expertise which will be useful to both new and experienced gardeners, but also for the Carson’s wit and humorous take on plants, chickens and bees.

Vegetables, Chickens & Bees can be purchased locally at Books & Company, and Zest Kitchen Shop in Picton.

June Greetings from your past president

Greetings to All!!

As I write this message my outdoor thermometer says it’s 7 degrees. It’s been a pretty strange summer so far. Everything is delayed but thanks to the abundant rains, what is up is incredibly lush.

This weekend is our County Blooms Garden Show and our Garden Tour!

County Blooms is on Saturday, June 15th from 10 to 3 in Wellington, at the Town Hall, the St. Andrews church and on the CML Snider School grounds.

There will be a:

  • Judged Flower Show, yes, some flowers are in bloom!
  • Kids’ Activities, we will be painting rocks to help identify and protect ground nesting bees.
  • Book Sale, lots of gardening books and vintage Harrowsmith magazines
  • Silent Auction, many items to bid on including Carson Arthur’s new book, a foot massage, unique planters filled with herbs, books, bird feeders, gardening gift baskets, a certificate to High Tea at the Waring House and many more.
  • Plant Sale, over a dozen heritage tomato varieties, herbs and garden treasures
  • Garden Bistro, serving homemade quiche (Lorraine, smoked salmon & leek and broccoli & cheddar cheese) with a salad and homemade dessert and drink. All this for $8.00
  • 10 Vendors, selling soaps, lip balms and creams, garden ornaments (all beautifully handcrafted), plants and an arborist.

As you can see there’s a little something for everyone. And there’s even the Wellington Farmer’s market across the street!

The Garden Tour is on Sunday, June 16th from 10 to 4.

· We have some new exciting gardens this year and some returning favorites.

· Tickets are on sale at Books & Company and will be available at the County Blooms Garden Show.

· Sandbanks is offering a free tasting when you show your map/ticket!

· Waring House is offering High Tea from 2 to 5 for $25.00.

So a very exciting weekend! Looking forward to seeing you all!


We do have a Members meeting this month. It’s on Monday, June 24th , 7 pm at the old Fire Hall, 2nd floor. Please note the day change.

Our guest speakers will be, Sam Shephard, from Picton Physiotherapy will show us how to garden safely.

Denise Galloway from Heron House studio will do a small gardening yoga session.

Dr. Anne Uings representing the Bay of Quinte and Area Lyme Support Group will talk about living with Lyme disease.

And don’t forget the members pot luck dinner on Saturday, August 24th at my home. More details to come!


Society Meeting for May 29th

Bay Woodyard


Display: Theme – Glorious Spring (flowers)

1st: Sharon Kleinsteuber

2nd: Phyllis Davis

3rd>: Kathy Bondy

Have Fun!

Design: Theme – Seedling in a pot

1st: Phyllis Davis

2nd: Laura Bryan

3rd: Pat Stuckey

Click small images to see larger versions.

Photographs © by Bert Jenkins